Discover Chicagoland's Hidden Gems at 'A Found Treasure' - Your Shopping Destination

As the anticipation builds and the countdown begins, we can't contain our excitement to introduce 'A Found Treasure' to all you treasure seekers out there!

Treasures Galore, Prices Beyond Compare At 'A Found Treasure,' we've scoured high and low to curate an eclectic mix of new and second-hand items. Whether you're on the lookout for statement fashion pieces, home decor with character, or everyday essentials, our shelves are brimming with affordable options.

Frankfort, Our Beloved Home Why Frankfort? Because this city embodies diversity, vibrancy, and a love for the unique. We're thrilled to be part of this rich tapestry, offering our community a place to discover fantastic deals without compromising on quality.

Your Journey Starts Here We invite you to embark on a shopping experience like no other. 'A Found Treasure' is more than a store; it's a hub for those seeking value, individuality, and a touch of nostalgia. Find that item that speaks to you or stumble upon something unexpected - that's the beauty of our store.

Join Us for the Grand Opening Mark your calendars and be part of history in the making! The doors to 'A Found Treasure' are set to swing open soon, and we can't wait to welcome you. Get ready to shop, explore, and unearth your own treasures in the heart of Frankfort!

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