Unveiling 'A Found Treasure' - Your One-Stop Shop for Budget-Friendly Finds in Frankfort!

Welcome to the grand opening of 'A Found Treasure' - a haven for savvy shoppers in the heart of Frankfort! Nestled in this vibrant city, our store is a melting pot of new and second-hand treasures, waiting to be discovered by you.

Uncovering Gems in Every Aisle From chic clothing to vintage decor, and from kitchen essentials to collectibles, we've curated a diverse collection of items to cater to every taste and need. What sets us apart? The unbeatable prices! At 'A Found Treasure,' affordability meets quality.

The Thrill of the Hunt Shopping here isn’t just about finding great deals; it's an adventure. Explore our shelves and racks, where every corner hides a potential gem. Whether you're a collector, a fashion enthusiast, or a budget-conscious shopper, there's something here for everyone.

Community, Sustainability, and You Our ethos extends beyond just selling goods. We're about fostering a community, promoting sustainability, and giving items a new lease on life. By embracing second-hand treasures, you join us in reducing waste and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Join us on our opening day and become a part of the 'A Found Treasure' family. Get ready to uncover incredible finds at unbelievable prices!

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